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Class 6 General Science(Biggan) Assignment Answer Download ষষ্ঠ শ্রেণীর বিজ্ঞান অ্যাসাইনমেন্ট সমাধান

Dear student friends, the work of giving assignments to your school has started. You have just passed the primary. So you have no idea about the assignment. So there is no end to your troubles with assignments. We have come to you with solutions to various problems.

There are assignments based on various topics which you can go to our website and download your desired file completely free of cost. We are making regular assignments for you with full efficiency. However, you can add the required information with the assignment or you can give it exactly. Sixth grade science subjects have been given to you. The unit of body composition is called.

4th Week Class 6 English Assignment Answer Download

There are different classifications of cells and cells. The classifications are discussed below. The nucleus is the heart of the cell. The nucleoplasm of the nucleus helps in the various biological functions of the nucleus as well as the organism. The nucleolus of the nucleus is used as the main field of activity of the enzyme.

Synthesizes and preserves proteins by synthesizing different types of RNA and acts as a reservoir of nucleotides. In addition, chromatin plays a role in the mutation of fibers. It directs and interferes with the function of the other organs of the cell. A unique feature of chloroplast cells.

Class 6 4th Week Science Assignment Answer

The particle called chloroplast prepares food on the leaves of plants through the process of photosynthesis with the help of light from the sun, water from the soil and carbon dioxide. The protoplasm is called the basis of life. It contains the cytoplasm nucleus in the cell. The main function of the cytoplasm is to contain the tiny organelles of the cell. It acts as a cell and cell regenerator and controls any pressure exerted on the cell.

The most important part of the cell is the nucleus. The nucleus is the organelle with the most circular membrane floating in the protoplasm that controls all the biological functions of the cell. Another acceptable part of the cell is the mitochondria. It is an important organ of mitochondria in the Krebs cycle, with fatty acids involved, electron transport.

All the energy is generated through these. It is called the power house because it provides energy for all its functions. Functions will be shut down if no energy is produced in the mitochondria. So cells are very important for the formation of human body or the structure of living body.

ক) বিদ্যুৎ পরিবাহী ও অপরিবাহী পদার্থের নাম লিখ।

খ) বিদ্যুৎ পরিবহনে তামার তার ব্যবহারের কারণ কী?

গ) উদ্দীপকের ১ম চিত্রে মােম গলে পড়ার পরবর্তী অবস্থা ব্যাখ্যা কর।

ঘ) চিত্রের পদার্থ দুটির গলনাংক ও হিমাংক কি একই? পাঠ্যপুস্তকের আলােকে বিশ্লেষণ কর।


শাহরিয়ার হোসেন

শাহরিয়ার হোসেন একজন ক্ষুদ্র ব্লগার। লিখতে খুব ভালোবাসেন। অনলাইনে বিভিন্ন ব্লগে ২০১৮ সালের জানুয়ারী থেকে লিখছেন। কাজের চেয়ে নিজের নাম প্রচারের ওপর বেশি গুরুত্ব দেন। সে চিন্তা থেকেই এই ব্লগের উৎপত্তি।

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